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2020 - What a time to be ALIVE

Hi, I'm Lauren. Some of you may know me in real life. Some of you may know me from the radio. And hey, some of you may know me from Myspace! Writing is one of my favorite things to do, but I become very lazy at times. I'm human. But I blame my need for ten hours of sleep at night on being a Pisces. It's ok though, here I am, White claw in my hand, music up loud, endless thoughts taking over the keyboard. I'll start it off with the obvious- what is going on in the world right now.

All I gotta say is.... 2020. What. A. Time. To. Be. Alive. No seriously. What a time.

We are in a global pandemic and just like you, I am hoping things will only get better. Not so much of hoping, but believing because I live my life by remembering this: all things that are bad in life.. are temporary. It's true. All of the "not so good moments in life," have to get better. Nothing can stay bad forever. Today is an optimistic day that I am having. Sure sometimes I'm super pessimistic. But I think that I fall in between the two.

I have been trying to keep my cool together over the last two months vs. being overwhelmed with panic. We are in month of May, which is Mental Health Awareness month and I know right now it is extremely difficult for people who suffer with mental health disorders, but just know that you matter. Even if you if don't think so.

You need to use this time to better yourself vs. going off the deep end.

I think of it like this- we as humans right now are all experiencing the same thing in the sense of a global pandemic going on. That is a lot.

I try to wake up in the morning and feel grateful for what I have. Food to consume. A roof over my head. A bed to sleep in. We are humans. We feel a lot of things. We are made up of energy. And how you choose to decide to move forward will change your life. Your brain is more powerful than you think. What you think is what you become. You can re-wire your brain...

I wake up in the morning and I am grateful for being here. I've started writing about a paragraph or a few sentences in this little book daily of how "I am working on myself today."

Whether it's "make my bed more often" or "work out for an hour" or... "knowing that its alright if the only thing that you did today was breathe."

Because that's the thing. If the only thing that you did was breathe today that's good enough sometimes. And that's enough!

Use this time to go back to old hobbies. Things that you stopped doing that set your soul on fire and made you feel alive. Use this time to start a new hobby. It's good to be scared to try something new. But isn't that what life is about? Doing things that scare the shit of you and then saying "that wasn't so bad."

I have been exercising from home and I honestly get more out of it with personal trainer on my computer screen, than doing the stationary bike for an hour.

You also have to remember that self care is VERY important this time. It's ok to not do anything except brush your teeth and make a cheese sandwich.

If you wan't to sit around all day and watch Netflix, why the hell not?

If you want to drink before dinner time, why the hell not? (just don't become reliant on it)

All I have to say is life is certainly a lot right now, but we are all going through this together. Some days are good. Some days are bad. But you are not alone.

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